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Started ravenport new career with otherwise my normal mods. Plowed, fertilized, limed, cultivated all the starter fields. Then I was in day 1 at 1600hrs and it had rained once already which was nice and temperature was 4/4C (air/ground Celsius). At this point was my first waiting period; I cannot seed canola as it requires +5C temperature.


How this works is that there will be basic waiting time between seeding and harvest. I was thinking that additional fertilizing and spraying could be done in those days, but manual page advertises that those should be done in spring (when seeding is done), but dunno guess there are no restrictions for that. Once you seed your fields in the spring time, then you have incredible amount of days (depending on your chosen options, by default its nine) to basically just time accelerate or perhaps doing contracts, dunno. While typing this I'm on 07/late-spring so I still have two full days even on this one, then I'm looking at six (6) days of waiting before I can even start to harvest my canola.

Its important to note that if you have too many fields (large terrains?) to work on then you might run out of spring days, or other way around that too few/small fields or too many days in seasons, then you get bored to death waiting time. I really really do not like this scripted canned corridor shooter thing where you are given set number of days to work on specific field works and if you do not manage then its tough luck crops lost or whatever will happen.

Finally after all that waiting on 05/mid-autumn my fields were ready to harvest (actually they were day before I think but it was raining), but currently the crop moisture is damn 40% because of the rain. This is really exciting to see the first time how the rain and harvest goes.

Interesting observation that when you have many fields after a rain, you need to travel to all those fields and use the MT 9 measuring tool to check the moisture. Other option is to drive combine there and try to start harvest but you might not be able to if the crop moisture is over 20% what I understood. Edit: no you don't, check the crop status icon on top-right corner.

Day was 09/late-autumn and I started to get worried if I can get my canola off the fields before it withers. I'm ready to go but crop moisture is above 20% eek... Finally at 2200hrs the crop moisture dropped below 20% and I got to start harvest. My first harvest was at night, it was so dark I could not see the combine in the other side of F19 which is tiny heh. Even though I bashed the sky daylight previously, the dark ground level still is very nice.

So I then reached winter, I was looking at 9 days of winter. The introductory text said I cannot work the fields when they are frozen, so apparently I could not fertilize and cultivate or plow now, current temperature is -3/2C so ground is still not frozen.

Entered the last six days of the year and there I was, just... doing... nothing. There was absolutely nothing to do but time accelerate. Edit: this experience was with the ravenport starter fields, which frankly are kiddie small compared to normal terrains fields.

Its very restricting mod, in a way it makes you appreciate the little things you have. I cant imagine how this would mix well with those large scale field work operations when you have just thousands of hectares of fields and everything takes a long time. I am quite sure you will run out of time, OR if you choose like the 24 day option then that might be too long, will have to see on real world data terrain test. But its for sure that hectic style jumping from one field to another type of game-play will not mix with this mod, I feel seasons will bog you down to individual fields for a very long time for example the crop moisture on harvest. Forget all about getting one harvest done and start to prepare for the next seeding, ain't gonna happen with this mod.

After a long period of snowing you get increasing height of snow piled on the ground, I didn't pay attention on the winter snowing, it snowed a bit, but when spring came and introductory text display said get to spring work I still had like hmm half a METER of snow on the ground. On roads, on fields, everywhere except under vehicle sheds and other buildings where you can park vehicles. When I started driving with my tractor it was really struggling going through the deep snow, that was extremely cool as I never expected such thing to be even possible in FS19 engine! Fertilizing did not work on the snow, as expected (well doh).

Started a new career on PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km terrain. It was 01/early-spring with 1/4C weather. I plowed, fertilized and sprayed lime to the fields, then started the waiting as weather was 4/4C that I could not seed anything yet.

05/mid-spring afternoon, still prepping and seeding fields. Note that I purchased and now own several lands with many fields, this is not just the three initial fields heh. See FS19-North-Dakota-Greendale-4km-2019-07-27T1710.png

At in-game 2053hrs started to seed the last field I bought. Day wise I'm still at the middle of the spring, still four full days to go, plenty of time to buy new lands and get to work on those fields.

At in-game 2238hrs finished seeding the last field. As said it was about the middle of the spring with plenty of time to seed some more fields. With only this seeding experience I would say that 4km real world data terrain is working OK with seasons. Now the other part of the season begins when we wait for harvest and what kind of weather we get, do we get any delays because of rain etc.

07/late-spring at 1120hrs it was raining again, few more weeds popped up on two of the fields and fields started to grow. Got few germination failed spots, but nothing too bad relative to the size of our fields.

Took care of the weeds with a rubicon 9000, it was really difficult to spot them in the first growing stage canola, in fact I didn't and had to check map to see where they are. I guess in the mass scale farming you should just herbicide spray all your fields after the harvest, what I understood from seasons manual is that after havest once you spray the weeds do not grow until after the next harvest. At least right now it seems that weed patches have different growth starting times, which is actually pretty cool.

02/early-summer more weeds appear to the same F03. There is decent amount them pretty soon. Probably going to spray the whole field at the sixth day of summer just before harvest season begins, hopefully the crops havent matured to harvested state before that, I don't think they should. But according to seasons manual and the policy of spraying whole field at once, it doesn't matter when you spray it, once done its good until the harvest.

06/mid-summer sprayed F03 for weeds, worked out well. There was no large weed areas, only those small patches, you cannot cherry pick where to spray, you must do the whole field even though you spray a lot of areas without weeds. Well OK yes you can cherry pick but hey who has the time do that especially as the weeds are practically invisible amongst the green crop plants.

At in-game 0715hrs all three fields sprayed for weeds, now its just time accelerating and waiting for harvest. Already starting nearvously checking weather forecast for the upcoming days that will there be rain on the harvest season

Seasons mod requires game-play style adjustment, you cannot mass harvest and seed fields anymore like it was a factory production line. There will be down time in the summer and winter when nothing happens, also the winter frost and snow is quite the shock if you never played with seasons before. However, before even finishing 4km real world data terrain harvest and testing on 8km and 16km terrains... I would say seasons is a great mod and basically core standard for any realistic farm sim player.

07/late-summer 0025hrs (well after I stopped time accelerating at midnight, to give engine a breather) crops changed growth stage to the brown color one in 3D but in the ESC growth they were still listed as dark green growing.

01/early-spring 1600hrs fields were prepared for seeding, weather was 13/4C so I started to time accelerate same as I did in 4km terrain using 3000 time acceleration, now we see if seasons help with the field stage switching issue on large terrains...

05/early-spring time accelerating with 3000 speed, soil is too cold and I'm afraid to seed as I can't see do we get suitable weather in the future. It was pretty obvious that 24 day season in the beginning with few fields requires a lot of time accelerating, so I'm not going to mention it further until it really starts to cause boredom of death or other issues.

10/mid-spring 1723hrs was done seeding and fertilizing my three fields. 1729hrs started to herbicide spray F10 and F19. There was no weeds yet, F11 was already sprayed and I decided to pre-emptively spray these two remaining fields to see if it stops weeds growing this season.

So to recap where we stand now, this is a 24 day season, its currently 10/mid-spring 1859hrs, I own lands with fields 10, 11 and 19 which all have been seeded, fertilized and herbicide sprayed. Now its just waiting until harvest season begins.

Its 6 days until early summer, then additional 16 (wow) days until canola harvest season begins. That is total of 22 days of time accelerating before we get to begin harvesting, assuming our crops are ready and there are no rain. Wow, now that is a lot of time accelerating...

This 24 day season is quite nice for large scale farming, I mean there is just so much time accelerating to do if your work has been done, but when you have many very large fields it will take days to work on them, so you need those extra days.

I would not recommend using 24 day season for small terrains or maybe even 4km terrains with many fields, the 9 day season is pretty good time frame for that terrain size. I have no idea yet what might be best for 8km terrains which are quite large. I'm not bored yet for time accelerating, using the 3000 speed, but how many in-game years do you want to time accelerate like this is another question entirely. 041b061a72


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