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[Page xi]HISTORIANS pretty unanimously concur in Indostan's being first peopled by emigrants, or warlike adventurers, from Persia: if so, 'tis equally probable they descended from the fraternities of Noah, as now it remains an uncontroverted point, that Noah and his followers first settled in these parts after the deluge. This is tracing them as far back as history will admit, and the oral tradition of the Bramins in India can be relied on. Thus peopled from Persia, as already mentioned, they remained 'till Alexander the Great penetrating India with an army and fleet, after meeting with a torrent of opposition, but principally from Porus, a leading warrior in these parts, whom he defeated and made prisoner, he ceased his pursuits at the mouth of the Hydaspes, a branch of the Indus, and made that, seemingly, the limitation of his conquests; after which, with his armament he sailed down the Indus, and entering the ocean he returned by the way of the Persian gulph.

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