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The Green SlimeHD [NEW]

Rankin goes to Gamma 3 where he runs into an old comrade Commander Vince Elliot, with whom he has a history. Nevertheless, Rankin carries out the mission commanding a shuttle onto the surface of Flora to set bombs to destroy it. While on the surface, they discover a strange amoeba like creature attaching to their vehicles and sucking the energy out. The science officer Dr Halversen tries to bring a sample of the green substance aboard the shuttle in a sealed container, but Rankin angrily throws the container to the ground causing it to shatter and some of the green slime to attach to Halversen's space suit.

The Green SlimeHD

The detonation is a success and Flora is destroyed. The crew returns to Gamma 3 to celebrate while their suits go through decontamination. The energy from decontamination causes the green slime to evolve and grow and in the middle of the celebration and alarm goes off indicating trouble in the decontamination chamber. An officer opening the door is quickly killed by an unknown assailant.

Rankin, refusing to leave until the mission is completed, stays in command and decides to evacuate the station on shuttles and set the station to burn up in Earth's atmosphere. Elliott returns to help his friend and is killed trying to save him. Rankin manages to set up the crash landing and escapes with Elliott's body onto the shuttle as the station burns up and destroys all of the green slime creatures. Rankin logs the mission success and recommends the highest citation for Vince Elliott posthumously.

Contemporary reviews of the film were mostly negative.[5] Monthly Film Bulletin referred to the film as "junior league science fiction" that was "certainly schoolboy stuff". The review commented on the monsters in the film, stating that "the first appearance of the green slime looks promising, but the transformation of the lurid jelly into stock monsters is something of a let-down".[10] Variety referred to the film as "a poor man's version of 2001", and described the story, script and special effects as "amateurish".[5] The New York Times stated that the film "opens promisingly, keeps it up for about half an hour but then fades badly [...] the picture falls to pieces when the green menace becomes an army of rubbery-looking goblins".[11]

Endogenous neutrophils were labeled 5 mins before harvesting the lungs with Alexa 647-labeled anti-Ly6G mAb. Lungs were inflated with low melting temperature agarose, excised and cleared. Autofluorescent lung stromal cells are depicted in green. Bar= 100µm.

A dsRed labeled OT-II CD4+ cell (red) interacting with an ICAM-1 and 2 double deficient DC (GFP, green) in the T zone of a popliteal lymph node. WT DCs are CFP labeled. Mice were immunized with αDEC-205-OVA and αCD40 mAb. Bar, 10 μm.

3D image of lungs infected with the virus imaged by light sheet microscopy (LSM) 4 days post infection. The influenza infected airways are depicted in red. Green: auto fluorescence of the lung stroma. Note the high specificity of the virus towards the airways and the large peribronchial vessel (green) surrounding the virus infected bronchi (red). 041b061a72


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