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Girls Gone Hypnotized 116

Welcome to GirlsGoneHypnotized! GirlsGoneHypnotized has a large selection hypnosis, mind control, freeze fetish, and personality-change video stories. We also do authentic hypnosis sessions with your favorite models, so you can see them actually get hypnotized and respond to suggestions while genuinely in trance. *Please hit your browser's "refresh" button if you do not see regular updates*

Girls Gone Hypnotized 116

In the next issue, the rest of the FF realize that Reed has sacrificed himself. I agree with the Thing, who says "He knew the risk! He shouldn'ta gone after Janus! But him -- he hadda be a hero!". This is supposed to be showing the continued degradation of the Thing's personality due to the side-effects of the cure that lets him control his transformation, but really, Reed's sacrifice was entirely unnecessary.

The rest of the FF try to fight Reed and the Overmind but they are defeated. The Invisible Girl escapes, and sees that the entire city is possessed, fighting each other. Sue says she's tried to contact other super-heroes but "The Avengers, Daredevil, Spider-Man... all the other super-beings I've tried to contact are too critically occupied"; presumably dealing with the fact that the city has gone crazy.

Most of this has been subsequently forgotten and revised to a point where no single explanation can suffice, but so it goes sometimes. The term "Negative Zone" was originally used for the barrier around the Inhumans' Great Refuge, but after the barrier was gone, the term got recycled or confused. Similarly, I think Janus' "nega-" powers refer to this same pseudo-negative-anti-matter type energy.

The Man with the Red Eyes serves the children an elaborate turkey dinner, but to Charles all the food tastes like sand. The man explains that the food is synthetic, but Charles would be able to taste it if only he would open his mind to IT. He invites Charles to come with him and learn who he really is, and Charles agrees in spite of Meg's strong protestations. The man stares into Charles Wallace's eyes until the boy's pupils fade into the surrounding blue irises. Once extricated from the man's hypnotic stare, Charles acts like a different person. He asks Meg why she is being so "belligerent and uncooperative" and bids her eat the food prepared for them, which he now claims is delicious. Horrified, Meg shrieks to Calvin that the boy beside them is no longer Charles; the Charles they know is gone.

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