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Where Can I Buy Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Our yogurt covered pretzels are a customer favorite! These salted pretzels are generously dipped in a sweet vanilla yogurt coating. Crunchy and delicious, yogurt pretzels are the perfect salty-sweet snack option. Munch on them out of the bag or mix them with nuts and dried fruit for an interesting trail mix.

where can i buy yogurt covered pretzels

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You can make your pretzels with strawberry, blackberry or blueberry coats. And if you need an especially large quantity of these tasty snacks for your function, just adjust the recipe based on the number of mini pretzel bags you use. Follow these steps to create your personalized yogurt pretzels:

Step 4. Using tweezers, tongs or chopsticks, dip your pretzels into your yogurt mixture oneat a time, coating them completely and laying them out on wire cooling racks placed on top of baking sheets.

If you love the idea of homemade yogurt pretzels but can't spare the time for preparation,Sincerely Nuts has you covered. We offer a variety of delicious yogurt-covered pretzels in bulk for your convenience and enjoyment.Browse our selection of tempting flavors, including blueberry, cinnamon,chocolate, peanut butter, raspberry and more. Order your favorites today.

These monster yogurt covered pretzel rods are made with yogurt, chocolate and powdered sugar. They are a fun halloween treat idea and are perfect for taking to a party or into a classroom!

You won't believe the many unique flavors at your disposal. You can get bulk chocolate-covered pretzels of all types, whether dark or milk chocolate. There are also varieties of bulk white chocolate-covered pretzels, or Belgian chocolate of various kinds, including some with colored sprinkles. The flavors of yogurt-covered pretzels run the gamut from strawberry, cherry and pumpkin spice to cinnamon, peanut butter, lime, and even Greek yogurt.

Whether you're into the yogurt variety, or partial to white chocolate pretzels, bulk ordering is always available, assuring you of the best pricing. You can order by the pound, or take it up to 5- and 10-lb. increments with some available at 15 lbs. and free shipping.

Soon after, creativity took the driver's seat. New ideas began to take shape - in the form of mixed nut snack bags, confections such as chocolate and yogurt-covered products and more. The momentum has endured and today, we produce deliciously different snacks and distribute them to millions across the country.

After the pretzel is dipped in the yogurt mixture, let it stand for 5 minutes on the wire rack. Then use a fork or toothpick and drizzle more yogurt mixture on top of the pretzels to give them the bandages. Use sugar candy eyes as the eyes for the mummies.

Add orange food coloring to the yogurt mixture after all of your other pretzels are decorated. (Optional) Cut small candy-coated chocolates in half. After the pretzel is dipped into the now orange yogurt mix, place one of the halved candies on the top of the pretzel for the stem. 041b061a72


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