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How to Make Cool Projects with the Acan Mini Laser Engraver

It's very interesting project for any electronics hobbyist & Engineers. You can use this laser engraver machine to make any kind of design, logo, art on the surface like WOOD, MDF, PLYWOOD, VNYL Paper.

Acan Mini Laser Engraver

WAINLUX laser engravers can engrave on many more materials, including wood, metal, plastic, paper, felt, stainless steel, bamboo, paper, leather, food, plastic, stone, glass and more. Parts of the plank can be cut to make your designs more creative.

Looking for a tool to do a laser design on your product? Laserpecker L1 pro laser engraving machine is an excellent user-friendly versatile and market leading engraving tool to meet your needs. With this advanced handheld engraver, you can do any creative designs, patterns, and wonderful arts on any surface. Because of its handheld and easy-to-use features, you can do the design anytime and anywhere on the go.

L1 pro can put marks on the wood and wood products as well. If you are desiring something unique design on wood, certainly L1 pro can easily meet up your requirement. You can turn any wood into astonishing artwork. With its larger engraving area unline mini engraver you can easily do the design which is looking wonderful even from far.

Artistic prints in leather products make a leather material more premium. To get those artistic marks on the leather, leather manufacturers use laser engraving machine everyday. Marking on leather is generally difficult but L1 pro laser engraver can do it very easily. Like CO2 laser cutter engraver, L1 pro also can engrave and mark on leather very well.

Sometimes you may see logos, designs, serial numbers, texts, and many other symbols on your plastic key holder or backside of the plastic phone cover or any plastic covers. These examples tell us how essential the laser engraver is for the plastic sector. Our L1 pro can mark on plastic like PVC, PE, PP, ABS, etc. This machine act as a high-quality laser head machine for plastics as well.

The L1 pro is a versatile and advanced laser engraver that is very easy to use and will give you satisfaction with its engraving accuracy. This L1 is a cost budgeted engraver and its price starts from USD 419. On top of that, this machine comes with 2 stand variants such as tripod stands and auto stand. This laser engraver machine has only a space gray color option. You can choose any one of the stand variants as per your choice and necessity. If you want additional protection, we have foldable laser shields for the machine. This might increase the price slightly but it will give you ultimate protection from harmful lasers. Apart from that, the L1 pro comes with a Type-C port for power-up. You can power up the laser engraver either with a computer or with a power bank.

The cheapest machine with a 10W optical power laser is the Comgo Z1. It cost only 350$ and my review of this machine is available here. In my opinion, one of the best engraver for price/quality ratio ever!

Made by two aluminium rail, capable of working on surfaces of about 20cm x 20cm. These machines are suitable for those who work small pieces, such as pens, wallets, photo frames. They are the cheapest machines and you will hardly find them with air-assist or powerful lasers because their shape does not allow to mount heavy modules.

Only a few brands offer this option, one of these is NEJE which also has an engraver capable of working on 81cm x 46cm surfaces. This is the Neje 3 MAX with 10W laser that has a very competitive price (considering it has the drag chain).

Yes, laser engraving is very safe and can be used at home. But, as with any kind of machinery, there are hazards to be considered when using a laser engraver, and as long as you remember the basic rules it is very safe.

Alternatively, you can work with industrial and corporate clients that require bulk engraving services. From creating beautiful employee of the month plaques to etching codes into manufacturing tools, laser engraving can make a lot of money in these spaces. According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, aerospace, specialized design, foundries and metalworking are the top-paying industries for etchers and engravers.

General use of the space, equipment, and software is free of charge with your library card. A variety of materials for the laser engraver, vinyl cutter, and 3D printer are available for purchase at the TechCentral MakerSpace. You are welcome to bring in your own materials for use with the laser engraver and vinyl cutter. MakerSpace staff must approve all user-supplied materials before they are used on MakerSpace equipment, to prevent damage to equipment or harm to users within the MakerSpace.

This is an affordable 405nm purple laser mini engraver (portable), solution for your DIY projects and let the creativity flow. Suitable for icons, deep engraving and other materials like wood, plastic, rubber, leather, etc. Thousands of cloud images are constantly updated to bring more interesting creation. Personalize accessories and countless other items with text, images, or photos.

Many American customers have purchased laser engraver for Yeti mugs from MORN LASER and have operated a successful business in this winter. Some of them are small business owners and even DIY users who just take laser engraving business as a hobby. It cannot be denied that both of them work well with MORN laser engraving machine for cups and tumblers and gained much fun from the cause, as well as considerable profits.

In terms of the cost of the machine, a 100W CO2 laser engraver with a rotary attachment can be as less as $3200-3550, similar to that of a set of fiber laser markers with a rotary attachment at 20W. From a return on investment point of view, lasers are more economical than most other marking processes, as there are no consumables on a good quality laser system. Lasers are engraving and marking mugs 5-50+ times faster than conventional methods, this means higher output of work, therefore faster ROI.

It is applicable to all kinds of metals and coated metal yeti mugs with high engraving speed (maximum up to 7000 mm/s) and high engraving accuracy (0.001 mm). Meantime, the lifespan of the fiber laser engraving machine is as long as 100,000 hours. Little maintenance and few consumables are required, which is another advantage of fiber laser engravers. In addition, the fiber laser engraved images on Yeti mugs are accurate, vivid and clean. It is optimal for Yeti mugs engraving. So if you intend to buy a better Yeti mugs engraving machine, we recommend you to choose a MORN fiber laser marking machine.

It is applicable to process coated metal Yeti mugs, but cannot directly engrave on their stainless steel surface technologically. Moreover, CO2 laser tube has a shorter lifetime and needs to be replaced at a regular time, leading to higher operating cost. Its engraving speed is 600 mm/s, and the engraving accuracy is0.05 mm, which is inferior to that of fiber marking lasers. Hence if you want to start a business with a low budget, you can choose MORN mini CO2 laser engraving machine.

From the above comparison, we can see that each of the two options has its merits. If you only need to engrave on coated tumblers and have limited budgets, a mini CO2 engraver can totally satisfy your needs. If you intend to laser engrave on both bare-metal mugs and coated metal mugs, a fiber laser engraving machine will be the optimal solution.

We have cheap laser engraving machines for sale, and provide more creative possibilities for hobbyists and small businesses. Whether you are looking for a laser engraving tool or an engraving solution for a specific material, professional laser engraving machine manufacturer EmitLaser always provides you with the best laser engraver. We have diode laser engravers under $500 for entry-level laser hobbyists, as well as affordable CNC CO2 laser engravers for $800-2000 for small businesses or industrial companies. These laser engraving machines are easy to use, can quickly engrave non-metallic materials, and high-power laser engraving also has the function of cutting. Not sure how to choose the best laser engraver? You can contact us for professional guidance. Or check out our wide range of laser engravers series.

PLH3D-2W is a medium power 2W professional engraving laser head. This lightweight 70-gram laser does not require any external cooling. The heat sinking design not only cools the laser head, but also protects the lens from dirt by creating an air nozzle. The PLH3D-2W is designed to work with common 12V power supplies with a minimum of 1.5A current.

The laser driver is equipped with an LED indicator that displays all the information essential for operating the laser. An integrated temperature control system is designed to turn off the laser head when the maximum operating temperature is exceeded. By attaching the miniature driver directly on the laser head, the speed of diode modulation is improved in comparison to systems with a separate driver. This design allows connecting longer cables to the head, if needed.

The D1 has two diode emitters instead of the one that we always see in many laser engraving machines. The main diode points directly to the material. The other emitter is perpendicular to the main, but as the beam bounces off, synthetic lenses are tilted at a 45-degree angle. This bends the beam by a 90-degree angle, joining the beam from the main diode. The result is a double-powerful engraver.

ATOMSTACK A5 Pro is a standard desktop engraver with a working surface area of around 252 square inches, a 5W module, and a compress spot. The compress spot houses several crystal-clear lenses that compress less powerful thick laser beams to a narrow, more powerful beam. The more focused laser easily tears through a 0.5-inch-thick piece of wood. If you want a wide working area, an extension kit effortlessly expands the length to 33.5 inches from 21 inches.

This is another practical and magnificent laser engraver from ATOMSTACK. Its design revolves around bringing a compact yet advanced machine able to shape pieces out of wood, acrylic, and metal plates. It can cut through a 0.5-, 0.3-, and 0.002-inch-thick piece of wood, acrylic, and metal, respectively. This is done by a 20W beam.


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