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Though it feels almost impossible to choose the best episodes of the series, there are some that shine above all the rest. They are so good they have the audience coming back to watch them again and again. These are the episodes everyone talks about. They make fans laugh, cry, and inspire them in ways never thought possible.

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One of the first examples of how Sakura has changed since the early days of Naruto is when she and Chiyo face off against Sasori. The gripping fight between them and the Akatsuki member keeps fans at the edge of their seat, the stakes high with Gaara's life on the line. This episode showcases Sakura's strength in ways the audience has never seen, putting her full power on display. Though it is only a taste of how strong she will become, it is a great episode to rewatch and see just how far Sakura has come since her childhood.

The battle between Sasuke and Itachi has been anticipated since the beginning. Sasuke had been fighting his entire life, preparing for the moment he could take his revenge on his traitorous brother. Fans watch in awe as the two go up against each other, but no one is prepared for how it ends, especially Sasuke. In Itachi's final moments, he reverts to the softer, kinder brother Sasuke knew as a child. He pokes his forehead one last time, leaving the younger Uchiha shocked and confused. This episode is the beginning of Itachi's redemption in Sasuke's eyes and brings a twist that no one could have expected.

Naruto: Shippuden has been ranked several times as one of the most watched series in Japan.[216][217] The first DVD compilation released by Viz received a nomination from the American Anime Awards for Best Package Design.[218] It was well-reviewed by Activeanime's David C. Jones who commented that the animation had improved.[219] Carl Kimlinger of Anime News Network opined that the series has a more serious tone and a better balance between comedy and drama than the first anime series; with more interesting digressions from the main plot.[220][221] Although the pacing for the first episodes was criticised as slow, the delivery and development of the interactions between the characters received positive comments.[222][223] Writing for the Los Angeles Times, Charles Solomon ranked Shippuden the third best anime on his "Top 10".[224] In 2011, readers of Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition voted Naruto as the 29th-top video game character of all time.[225] 041b061a72


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