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Iron Man 2 For Pc

As Tony runs through the environments (with a very limited amount of hovering ability), you control his movement with the analog stick and his actions with the face buttons. Thankfully, there's a lock-on system built in the massive targeting reticle, so you don't have to be particularly precise, but it's such a poorly done system that it feels wonky and awkward. It gets even more awkward when you change weapons. Pressing two buttons at the same time to change a weapon is absolutely unacceptable in a modern game, especially when it's such an awkward button combination that you have to stop moving to accomplish it. Every time I changed weapons in the game, I had to think about whether it was worth soaking up bullets for a couple of seconds. There are only three kinds of foot soldiers that attack you over the course of the game, two kinds of power drones, two types of helicopters, a few bosses and a tank. The enemies pose almost no challenge, never do anything but stand there or move toward you, and the level design doesn't bring anything remotely interesting to the table. The gameplay mechanics don't make you feel the least bit like Iron Man. If one were to re-skin the game with the playable character being a marine with a rifle instead of a repulsar laser on each hand, I'd have no problem believing that was how the game was originally designed.

Iron Man 2 For Pc


One of the most disappointing aspects of Iron Man 2 ends up being the visuals. Aside from the low-quality cardboard cutout style of presentation, the in-game graphics suffer as well. This was developed by the same guys who did Conduit on the Wii, and this game is a scaled-down version of the Wii title, so Iron Man 2 on the PSP uses Conduit's engine. Now, Conduit was not a good-looking game on its native console, so it won't produce stellar results when the engine, which already provides underwhelming visuals, is scaled down for a less powerful system. Textures are muddy, and characters that are supposed to have a metallic shine look like they're covered in oil. Explosions don't have any oomph, sound effects lag behind, and when more than five enemies are on-screen at once, the game chugs and the frame rate is in the single digits. Environments have some light destruction, but it's all canned stuff.

Iron Man and War Machine will be interchangeable, and you can select either one of them to complete most missions. The two play quite differently. Iron Man's strengths are energy weapons, such as repulsors and lasers, and has a more acrobatic fighting style in melee. War Machine uses ordinance like cannons, rockets, and missiles, and in melee uses a brute force approach. Each character's armor can be customized with whatever weapons you choose, and you can even program in particular melee attack routines. As far as special suits of armor are concerned, Martinetti and McHale assured us that plenty would be included, but could only mention the suitcase armor (seen in the latest movie trailer) at this time.Iron Man 2 will have more of a focus on melee than the first game. There are several levels which take place in interiors, where flying around and attacking at long range isn't an option. Some boss fights will be up close and personal, more like a boxing match than the hit and run tactics of the previous game, and should be more satisfying as a result. The environment is more dynamic and destructible this time around, as well. Specifics about the different bosses and levels were sparse, though an entire level fought on and around the SHIELD Helicarrier was mentioned, and they promised massive bosses, far larger than what could be included in a movie. (I'm hoping for Fin Fang Foom!)

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The player can choose to suit up as an iron man or a war machine in a story that takes the player beyond the movie. A suit with patriotic spin, equipped with the latest weaponry as the way machine suit confronts high tech enemy and another super villain from the iron man universe, takes down all the villains and collects the weapons and upgrades the weaponry system helps you in you flying and action-packed journey. 041b061a72


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