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The Global Vatican : An Inside Look At The Cath...

We give thanks and bless our Mother Earth for all the gifts we have received: life, wisdom, brothers and sisters, flora and fauna, water, wind, north and south. We are asking for peace, our humanity is called to collaborate with every single living creature. Our faith is challenging the Western way of thinking. What is the value and view of the indigenous cultures that share the secret of life? What is the wisdom of our ancestors that invite us to look inside and recognize all creatures of the One Creator and united us with the world and with Spirit of Life?

The global Vatican : an inside look at the Cath...

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Reform remains critical as the Church looks to apply its prophetic witness to policy issues of international concern. One such area is the global refugee crisis, says Senior Fellow Rev. David Hollenbach, S.J. Writing for the Jesuit periodical America Magazine in March 2020, Hollenbach explained why the Church needs to redouble its advocacy and action to help those who suffer most during the pandemic. 041b061a72


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